FLYING EP:we can (not) fly by The Monsiurbeat


The Monsiurbeat(soundcloudTwitterweb) is back!He returns to music scene with strong emotion for love and his brand new EP called,FLYING from legendary netlabel called mayoware record(you can stream or download here).This is the introduction for his new album that will be released in sometime this year.First of all,he published trailer of this EP on his soundcloud(here),released an album called”Tasen Best by The Monsiurbeat and Toshihiko Furukawa”(“Tasen Best”means best album selected by another person,actually selected by me) on our blog(here) and released this EP on this year’s valentine’s day.The EP contains 3 songs and each ones are based on his personal sentiments.


Track-1,”Sonic Wave” features Japanese indie Idol,Nao Yoshino(the Monsiurbeat has written a song for her,it will be released in the near future),and Nobuhito Toda from BaaBooFAZ,alternative rock band the Monsiurbeat plays keybords with,their EP called”SorekiiteDo!” released from Tanukineiri Records was highly tensioned public recordings in the studio they did last summer.This is the song dedicated for a girl he’s been in one way love with.On the break part of this song,he declares his love to her very emotionally.His talking part means,”I love you,I also love texts you write,songs you like,your face and height,closes you wear,bag you have,your singing voice,shoes you wear,length and colour of your hair,the streamline from your neck through your shoulders to your both arms,sketches you draw,the dogs you have,the way you speak,the family you speak about and your name,I really love all.I affirm its all.That’s no reason,I don’t know that’s why,and don’t wanna know it!I wanna destroy the distance between you and me,shitty social trends,trashy my inferiority complex and the wall you create.I wannna destroy it all! I will come to hold you tight as if I am to die,so you should wait.”I love you”-I wll make this sentence as emblem of my jusitice.I mean it.I really love you best in the world”.Aaarrrggghhh!!!!!

Track-2,”You Can (Not) Advance” is a cover of Japanese traditional song,”Tubasa Wo Kudasai”.The Monsiurbeat uses sample of “Kimi Ni Todoke(Orca Life Remix)” by Saito Shirotama(original version’s streaming is here)in this track.Saito Shirotama is a Japanese female singer,her first single “Kimi Ni Todoke” was produced by the Monsiurbeatand Chris Roberts aka Orca Life(he also run a indie label called Otherworldly Mystics) did a cool remix of the tune.This song sounds like a little bit lo-fi at the opening,but rushes into psychedelic sounds and it’s gorgeous.The lyric of this song is to come out on top with a wing(he wish to have).

Track-3,”Stand Alone”is another gem!This is a typical type of the Monsiurbeat’s pop song.It’s the love song,he had written this only a few days ealier before his live performance at Nanba Benituru in March 2,2014(I was there he played this song at first time!).This song has no suffering,discord or conflict,but only has first intention and purity for love.
And then,this impressive art cover was designed by Hajime Nakagawa,it’s awesome!He also has worked with Omoide Label, Tanukineiri Records and various places on internet.So you should check them out if you are interested in his works.

This post still won’t finish yet.The Track maker and the owner of Omoide Label,YZOX,put his remix of the Monsiurbeat’s “Sonic Wave” few hours ago today!

YZOX’s sound has grown stronger than ever,this remix reveal his remarkable talent and faith in beat music to us!He was once talking to me,he thoght himself as a clumsy person and couldn’t express his thought by any words.So he did a remix of “Sonic Wave” to support and show his respect of the Monsiurbeat,right?And you know,this remix is about looking for a kiss with someone you really care.It’s really intense but earnest vibes this tune gives you off.Now I’m wondering kiss kiss kiss of you!!
カテゴリー: declaration of love, J-POP パーマリンク


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